FORUM RULES (Read here first)

New here? Come and check the forum rules & introduce yourself here!
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FORUM RULES (Read here first)

Postby meyaoi » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:20 am

Welcome to our little forum, guys :)
Here's some simple rules to follow, please read through them keep these rules in mind during your forum activities.

1. Do NOT insult or harass other users on the board. We are here to have fun, not a fight :roll:
2. Do NOT discuss illegal activities, piracy included.
3. Do NOT advertise in your posts, signature, topics, or PMs. Generally, promoting / linking anything that involves money, whether deliberate or not, is considered as advertising.
4. Do NOT have a signature containing image larger than 800x220 pixels. Too large of a signature may make it harder for other users to read your posts.
5. Please create a new topic in the right categories.
6. Do NOT double-post. If you have anything to add to your previous post, please use the "Edit" button, instead.
7. When linking to a big image / video, please use the SPOILER tag.

That's it. We hope you keep above rules during your forum activities to make our forum a better place for hanging out! ;)

In case of breach in above rules, we will give a warning up to 3 times. You guys are also encouraged to use the "report" button in case you see someone breaking any of the rules above.
 ! Message from: meyaoi
This is "mod voice", and we will use this text format whenever we are warning someone.
Thank you for the attention, let us keep this forum civil :D

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