A help guide to BL games

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A help guide to BL games

Postby kida_asumi » Fri Jun 03, 2016 3:34 pm

Hello! I just wanted to start a thread here to help anyone interested in playing BL games find their way to successfully installing both the game and the guide! I have recently dived head first in to this category myself, and it was quite an adventure. To help others be more successfully, let's use this thread as a starting point!

DISCLAIMER: Technology and I don't get along. So sometimes I have to get creative to make things work XD If something doesn't make sense, PLEASE ask. Also, to the tech savvy, please help!

A few tips from my personal experience (I am using Windows 10 with frequent updates, and my computer is set up as a Japanese local; if you need help, PM me privately and I can assist ^-^ If I get enough requests, I can make a how-to!)

First - Set your computer to a Japanese locale first! Here is a quick set of instructions on how to do this:
Head on over to the Control Panel, and click on Regional and Language Settings. Click the Administrative tab, then Change System Locale. On this tab, change the system locale to Japan (Japanese).
This didn't change anything on my computer other than a setting, as far as I can tell. If it randomly makes everything Japanese, please let me know and I will research a way to reverse that.
What this does: This allows the game you are about to download to be read by your computer! If not, it would come up as blocks and symbols ^-^

Second - Download Daemon Tools or another mounting software. Most of the guides I've followed use Daemon. However, there are others, so it's not the only one. I didn't pay anything for it, and if you want a link, I can post it here.
What this does: This helps your computer think that a disc has been inserted in to your computer when it really has not. It tricks it, so to speak.

Third - Download Winrar. This is a tool used to open up .rar files. Because of their size, most of the downloads for the games come in .rar files. Winrar opens it for you!

That's the basics of how my computer is. With these three things, I have been able to successfully download and play many BL games ^-^

A couple things to note:
- Most of the games will have censored body parts.
- You will often have to download two-three parts of the game - the game itself, an update, and an English patch
- sometimes with the many different updates that have happened since these games were first put on the internet, so there are glitches that do happen. However, I have found fixes for all of them but one (in Hadaka Shitsuji, system 666 crash), and even that one has a work around. Don't panic, it will be okay!
- ALWAYS TEST SAVE. The first thing you should do after downloading a game is go in, save, and then exit the game. Restart the game and see if you can successfully load it. If you can, and it lets you continue with the text, success! If not, or your save has disappeared, research why this is happening. Always feel free to PM me~

That's all I have for now. We'll update this as as go ^-^ Devs, if this isn't allowed, please let me know!
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Re: A help guide to BL games

Postby keyxmakerx » Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:26 am


What about tech savy people?
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Anyways.. Yea if anyone needs help let me know. Unfortunately I normally use Linux, so I'm not insanely good with windows issues. (Though have worked at tech support for a few years so i've been there.) But if anyone needs any help feel free to ask. :)
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Re: A help guide to BL games

Postby nohyde12 » Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:40 am

I think eroge download have those...i own the copy but since my laptop ......
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