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[FanFic] Tocchan = the Perfect Lover?!

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:30 am
by Knightusagi
[Author Note: Character Shibusawa Toshiyuki x Reader (MC = insert your name). Only own the story! Try to keep characters to real game-characters, but might differ slightly in some stories. Please do not steal it nor copy it! This forum is the only place I post it. Sorry for typos etc. I might be bit off, I tend to write when I should be sleeping; inspiration comes at unexpected moments, plan to write more about other characters as well.]

MC is sleeping in his bed. Like usually, he stayed up way too late from browsing the internet reading yaoi. Now he lays fully sprawled on the bed, a leg sticking out from under the covers, even an arm too. It is basically a wonder how he stayed in bed instead of falling out of it. But that would soon come to an end?...

“… MC! ….. …..MC!....” as faint voice is heard in the distance.

“Ngh…. Five more minutes…..” as MC moans, mumbling in his sleep.

“MC! …. Wake up!” as the faint voice sounds more stern and louder.

“Nghhhnnoo! ….it is weekend…. Vacation…..” as MC mumbles more and clutches the covers more. He turns on his side, now showing his back to the voice.

“…. ….. ….eEnougH!!” as the voice sounds loud and clear.

The next moment, MC gets the awkward feeling something is wrong. His eyes slowly flutter open, but before he can be awake let out a scream.

“Nghh – AHHH!- …..” as a high pitched scream fills the room.

“Good, you are wake. Hurry up and get dressed. You need to eat breakfast” as the voice speaks in a calm tone and quickly followed by sound of footsteps and a closing door.

“….ngh …tsk ….Tocchan? …” as MC rubs his head and looks with a half open eyes towards the figure exiting his room. Even in all the confusion he can easily recognize his favourite person.

-Time skip / breakfast-

Fully dressed MC walks into the room, still rubbing his head as he felt out of his bed since the covers were pulled from him. He is simply dressed in some sweats and his signature blue smiley t-shirt. He lets out a yawn as he looks at Tocchan in the distance.

“Tocchan… Morning… ” as he smiles seeing his favourite person in his apartment. He walks up to the male to give him a big morning hug and a kiss perhaps as he stretches his arms wide. But he stops halfway as he smells something nice.

*sniff* *sniff* “Wat smells so nice?” as MC smells with his nose, tilting his head in question. His gaze moves to the table and a big smile appears on his face.

“Morning, MC. YouOfCourse… Breakfast is ready please eat it all up or more like brunch…” as Toshiyuki replies in a calm voice to MC’s question. MC not noticing his gentle eyes full of love as well as he trailed off a bit in last bit of his sentences.

“Ah! It looks so delicious, Tocchan!” as MC happily exclaims as he sits down and starts eating immediately.

Toshiyuki sits across the MC on the other side of the table. He watches the other eats happily, stuffing his mouth with all the food. He kinds of woke up MC a bit late himself. The cooking of this breakfast took a bit more time than expected. Probably, because he was cooking all the things the MC likes and he was cooking and thinking at the same time as well. This resulted in brunch instead of lunch. Oh yeah, the table is covered in several of MC’s favourite dishes, ranging from meals to desserts.

*munch* “You should eat too, Tocchan, before it gets cold!” *munch* as MC reached out with his chopsticks for a piece of meat.

“Oh-” as MC’s hand stops in mid-air. His eyes are focused on his chopsticks as he barely swallowed the food he hand in his mouth. He slowly retracts his hand and resting it on the table, still holding the chopsticks. He focus his gaze on his plate as a blush creeps across his face.

‘OMG! Do not freak out! Why the hell am I blushing!’ as MC thinks, trying to control his red turning cheeks.

“Something wrong, MC? Do you not like the food?” as Toshiyuki speaks with concern since MC stopped with stuffing his mouth full with his homemade food.

“Shall I feed you then? You wanted this piece of meat right?” as Toshiyuki holds up the piece with his chopsticks, holding it before MC’s face.

“A- HUH?!” as MC basically yanks his head up and looks at Tocchan’s face with a slight confusing. He focus his gaze on the pair of chopsticks before him. His face starts to burn, turning red as he stutters.

“A-are you for r-real?” as MC keeps his gaze at the outstretched hand.

“Of course I am. Just eat it and continue eating just like you have been doing this whole time” as Toshiyuki replies in his standard calm voice and shows a small smile.

“….” MC just stares at the small piece of meat between the other’s chopsticks. He watches the other nudges it a bit up and down, gesturing for him to open his mouth.

“If you will just eat all the food I made I would be really happy! Especially, if you would eat this piece of meat!” as Toshiyuki’s calm voice is replaced with a cheery sounding voice and a happy smile on his face.

“O-okay… Ah~” as MC opens his mouth slowly and the chopsticks move closer. He eat the piece meat and the tension in his body disappears quickly as he tastes the delicious food. He quickly resumes stuffing his mouth full again.

“Heh, glad you like it, MC! There is much more for you~” as Toshiyuki’s voice sounds sweet, with a slight purr in the end.

-Time skip-
“AH--- That was really delicious Tocchan! I can eat this kind of food every day!” as MC chimes and leans back in the chair as he rest his hand on his full belly and smile on his face.

“That is great to hear, MC! Because there is many more for you to eat!” as Toshiyuki chimes with a smile adoring his normally serious looking face. He comes over with more plates.

“There is more? …. I am really stuff---” as MC started to whine as he feels quit full from the feast. He trails off as he sees what Tocchan is holding in his hand. His eyes start to grow big, a watery mouth as he sees more of his favourite food. He happily, automatically stretches his arms out and takes the plate and starts eating again.

“Good that you like it MC.” As Toshiyuki chimes with a smile as he watches MC eat to his heart’s content.

-Time skip-

“Ah—I am really stuffed now, Tocchan. I cannot take another bite” as MC leans satisfied back in the chair. He is rubbing his belly, which has grown at least three times the size. He moves his gaze from his big belly towards his Tocchan, but his eyes grow wide.

“Tocchan, where are you?” as MC calls out confused and he looks around. He quickly notice that the male is in the kitchen.

“What are you doing? I do not need any more food” as MC whines as he really is stuffed. He wonders slightly if he overdid it.

“No worries, MC. This is just some preparation for mine food.” as Toshiyuki chimes, still showing his back to MC and he appears to tie a bib around his neck.

“What do you mean ‘your food’? Did we not had just no brunch together?” as MC tilt his head to the side in confusion.

“Yes, we had brunch, but you were the only one who was eating actually. Therefore, now it is mine time to eat my delicious little piggy” as Toshiyuki turns around holding a big knife and a fork. A smirk appears on his well-formed lips, showing his sharp teeth.

“W-what do you mean, T-tocchan?” as MC starts to get that awkward feeling again as he starts to shiver automatically. He feels he should be run right now, but his body does not react at all.

“I am going to eat you of course, my little delicious well-fed piggy” as Toshiyuki closes in on MC, smirking even more and pointing the knife towards MC.

“AH!!” as MC tightly squeezes his eyes shut and lets out a high pitched scream.


… … …

“… mc…..”

“.. Mc…. MC…. MC!”

“MC! ….. Wake up! You lazy bum!” as a loud angry voice yells.

“ah… aH… AH!!- …. Do not eat me I am not delicious! ….. Tocchan!” as MC screams in a panic.

“MC! Wake up!” as the voice sounds closer to MC’s ears and he feels a tight grip on his shoulders. His body is being shaken by someone.

“…Y-yeah… I am awake….” As MC mutters out, slowly opening his eyes. His pupils grow wide as he focus on the face before him. His panic fast changes into relieve and he hugs his favourite person in the world tightly.

“TOCCHAN!! …just a dream….” As MC sighs relieved, muttering, and still clinging onto Tocchan.

“What are you talking about? Did you stayed up late again, while reading too much manga, resulting in that you have strange dreams again?” as Toshiyuki speaks with a stern voice used when lecturing MC.

“U-uhh…. Maybe….” As MC tilt his head to side, half looking at Tocchan’s face.

“I see” as Toshiyuki calmly response, showing not particular emotion in his face.

MC starts to feel more nervous and starts to fidget, loosen his grip on the other as well. Toshiyuki wraps his strong arms around the MC’s waist and pulls him in a tight hug, not wanting to let the other escape.

“Silly, MC. It is just a dream. It is just all a dream...” as Toshiyuki whispers into MC’s ear with a sweet, loving, caring voice, like the perfect lover he is.

Re: [FanFic] Tocchan = the Perfect Lover?!

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:58 am
by meyaoi

Re: [FanFic] Tocchan = the Perfect Lover?!

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 5:15 am
by nohyde12
OMG...what is this CUTENESSSSS :oops:

Re: [FanFic] Tocchan = the Perfect Lover?!

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:50 am
by video_game_queen
Nice! Perhaps meyaoi will gain more inspiration from fanfics? :D

Re: [FanFic] Tocchan = the Perfect Lover?!

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:16 am
by Knightusagi

Thank you! changed the story a little bit during the writing process.

Re: [FanFic] Tocchan = the Perfect Lover?!

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:17 am
by Knightusagi
video_game_queen wrote:Nice! Perhaps meyaoi will gain more inspiration from fanfics? :D
Thanks as well! Nice o meet you.

Re: [FanFic] Tocchan = the Perfect Lover?!

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:23 am
by Knightusagi
nohyde12 wrote:OMG...what is this CUTENESSSSS :oops:
:D thank you! I am intendng to write more for others as well.

Re: [FanFic] Tocchan = the Perfect Lover?!

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:52 pm
by nohyde12
Knightusagi wrote:
nohyde12 wrote:OMG...what is this CUTENESSSSS :oops:
:D thank you! I am intendng to write more for others as well.
I'm looking forward for the continuation ... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: