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[FanFic] Everyone x Pokémon: Let's catch, Tocchan!

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:00 pm
by Knightusagi
[Author Note: All Pokemon!Characters x Trainer!Reader (MC = insert your name). Only own the story! Try to keep characters to real game-characters, but might differ slightly in some stories. Please do not steal it nor copy it! This forum is the only place I post it. I tend to write when I should be sleeping; inspiration comes at unexpected moments. I got the idea from fellow forum member Evanevan, but story is mine own. Tell me what you think, want more stories or certain topics etc.]

MC is one hell of a lazy bum, but there are a few things this guy will actually be awake for. One of these things is catching Pokémon. The Pokémon master prodigy had from a young age potential to become the next champion. The only thing that interferes with this progress is his personality. The MC’s special power is sleeping, being lazy and this results in most of time that he slacks off during battles. There might have been a few incidents in where he lost, only because he was not interested enough in the battle. Anyway, that is a story he can tell once he got some children on him own.

“I am not lazy! ….Sleeping is just my hobby…” as MC yells out, during the narration of his self-introduction.

The Pokémon prodigy is currently on a special mission in capturing a special Pokémon, named ‘Tocchan’. There are rumours that this is one of the special 7 Pokémon. The prodigy kid has already 4 out 7 special Pokémon, there are still yet two unknown. The two secret ones, have only been seen in a glimpse so not much information in regards where their habitant is.

Let’s get some more information about the prodigy himself. The MC will give a short self-introduction and his current Pokémon.

“Hello there, I am MC. I am xx years old. I am the best trainer out there and at this point I should have been already the Pokémon champion, but to some certain reasons *cough* …I am not yet at that point. Currently, I am in the wild to find the next special Pokémon, Tocchan. I have already caught four other special Pokémon (Shibu, Hikaru, Shuu-chan, and Toru-kun) so good am I! ” as MC is off into his own little world. He is basically gloating all by himself, the Pokémon are in their Pokéballs.

It is that the narrator knows this trainer otherwise he might be caught by the police because of suspicious behaviour or something. “AH! LOOK OVER THERE YOU LAZY BUM! I SAW TOCCHAN, JUST NOW!”

“Huh?.... aaaAH! …Yup, I am on it boss!” as MC connects with the world again, from his self-gloating.

“AH! Wait TOCCHAN!” as MC yells out running after the fleeing Pokémon.

‘Do not think you should just scream his name….’ as narrator thinks in himself and sighs.

Anyway, The MC is running after Tocchan, but with every turn he just catches a glimpse of him. It is not for nothing that he is part of the special Pokémon roaming this world. Though, it is coincidentally that the MC has caught already 4/7 special Pokémon. Quite interesting I guess.

“There you are! Tocchan!” as MC stops, breathing heavily as he looks up at Tocchan. He is currently leaning with his hands on his knees, catching his breath.

“… You should not be so lazy… MC” as Tocchan voices in a calm yet stern undertone.

“Shall we have a battle then? Or are you just going to waste my time?” as Tocchan voices in a mocking tone.

“Of course, I want a battle with you! I am going to catch!” as MC stands up again and yells out at Tocchan, pointing his finger at him, showing a grin on his face.

“I see. Guess that is what we will do then. Get ready for the battle, MC. I am not that easy to catch” as Tocchan adjusts his glasses and voices in a serious tone, getting in a fighting stance.

-Let’s Rumble!-

[Battle 1 round 1 Pokémon 0]

“OK! I choose you Shibu!” as MC voices seriously and throws his first Pokémon into the battle.

“Yeah, let’s have a battle, MC” as Shibu jumps out happily. He likes to battle others.

‘This is going to be easy. Shibu is the strongest Pokémon I’ve got. He is very athletic’ as MC thinks in himself, but shows quite a serious facial expression now.

“Okay, Shibu! Attack, Tocchan with a straightforward Tackle!” as MC yells out, pointing at Tocchan standing right before Shibu.

“Okay, MC! ….Here I go, TACKLE!” as Shibu yells out, readies his fists as he goes in full power towards the opponent.

*Thump* ……. ‘Knock out……’ ‘…….Shibu is defeated, next Pokémon or Flee?’

“Guess you forgot, something about your own Pokémon, MC. Guess you should train more instead of sleeping” as Tocchan speaking knowingly, completely unharmed still standing in the same spot.

“You did your best, Shibu…” as MC calls Shibu back to his Pokéball.

Apparently, the MC forgot about the fact that each of his Pokémon got certain abilities. For example, Shibu is one of the strongest in the special Pokémon in battles, but has one disadvantage. The poor Shibu has no sense of direction so even in battles you need to carefully decide how to word the direction he needs to go to.

[Battle 1 round 2 caught Pokémon 0]

“I will catch you, Tocchan!” as MC exclaims, cursing in thoughts at how stupid he could be forgetting about that fact. He pulls out his Pokédex.

“Hmm…. Now you are pulling your Pokédex out. You are lucky I got nothing better to do right now” as Tocchan casually states.

“Pokédex, please help me. I want to catch Tocchan.” As MC looks at the Pokédex screen as it starts to react to the Pokémon before him.

“Pokémon Tocchan. He is one of the special Pokémon. The special ability of the Pokémon is the fact they speak human language and their appearance is mainly their human form. About this Pokémon is not much known. There is only one Pokémon of each special Pokémon. Their existence is a complete mystery….”

“That is not must help--” as MC mutters, ready to close his Pokédex.

“However, the few times the wild Tocchan was seen. He has appeared to show the following behaviour when other humans had seen him in the wild. The Pokémon likes to live in a clean environment and seems to be a great cook, as well when he was spotted cooking for some starving fellow Pokémon. It is suggested that he is perhaps—“

“Enough, are we going to battle or should I just go now?” as Tocchan interrupts the Pokédex with a hint of irritation in his voice.

“No, I will fight and catch you! Go Hikaru!” as MC throws out the next Pokéball and puts the Pokédex away.

“At your service, MC” as Hikaru appears and does a gracing bow with an accompanying smile, like the idol he his.

“Okay, Hikaru, use Sing & Dance!” as MC commands at Hikaru and taking his signature pose of pointing towards the opponent in confidence.

“….. …… …..Why are you not doing anything HIKARU!” as MC whines, looking at his Pokémon with a desperate look.

“I do not feel like it, MC. Besides am I not enough. I am the strongest Pokémon you got besides Shibu. I am popular like hell. I bring all the money to finance this journey of yours” as Hikaru states with nonchalant tone in his voice.

“That is not the point. I am currently creating my team so I can beat the Pokémon League.” As MC whines more, showing tears in his pleading eyes directed at Hikaru.

“Hmm… if this goes on like this I will just come another time” as Tocchan casually intercepts in the conversation.

“It is fine Tocchan. You have won this round since I am apparently not good enough for MC” as Hikaru shows a brief smile at Tocchan and touches his own Pokéball. He disappears without a look at MC back in his Pokéball.

“…… UWAAAHHHHH!! ……” as MC simply screeches.

“pff.. just bring out my next opponent MC” as Tocchan ignores MC’s tantrum.

[Battle 1 round 3 caught Pokémon 0]

‘I guess the MC forgot about the fact that Hikaru was his last caught Pokémon. He was pretty strong already before he got barely defeated by Shibu.’ Therefore, the MC forgot about the next important thing about Pokémon besides their stats. The fact that they might not listen as they get to strong.

“Okay, Go Toru-kun! Let’s finish this once and for all!” as MC has reclaimed his confidence and throws the next Pokémon into battle.

“I am here, MC” as Toru-kun casually states, but he carries an intimidated aura.

*Toru-kun intimidates the opponent* *Intimidates the opponents, attack harshly falls*

“Forgot, how intimidating you could be Toru. It has been a while” as Tocchan shoves his glasses back up.

“ ….” As Toru-kun simply stares at Tocchan, feeling slightly hurt by the comment.

“Let’s attack Toru-kun. Use Needle-attack” as MC yells out.

“Yes! Needle-thrust!” as Toru-kun exclaims, pointing his sharp needles towards Tocchan.

“I see. I will use Cleannedo!” as Tocchan start to create a whirlwind of leaves and other dirt, basically cleaning the place he is standing right now. And throwing the dirt towards the opponent.

“Heh is that all you can do?” as Toru-kun smirks.

“Do not be that confident, it can kill you” as Tocchan calmly states and is pointing at his own tie.

“Huh? …… … a…AH.. AHHHH--- ….My NEW SCARF!!!” as Toru-kun stops his attack and starts brushing his scarf clean. He just finished knitting the scarf before he was called out into the battle as well.

“YOU!!! … asdfgh! ---” as Toru-kun readies his needle thrust again, but gets hit in the face with a powerful blow of another one of Tocchan’s cleannedo.

‘Toru-kun is knock out…. Opponent wins…..’

“Seriously…. ” as MC exclaims with a hand on his face.

“Are you giving up yet, MC?” as Tocchan speaks with a mocking tone.

“Of course not. I said I would catch you so I will!” as MC glares at Tocchan.

‘It is a big chance but it might work….’ As MC thinks in himself, remembering his last Pokémon ready for battle.

[Battle 1 round 4 caught Pokémon 0]
“Go, Shuu-chan! Let’s win this battle!” as MC yells, throwing the Pokéball as Shuu-chan appears.

“Shuu-chan use GO-hail!!” as MC commands Shuu-chan with a confident voice. ‘If his attack land I would win for sure’ as MC thoughts with a smirk.

“Tocchan uses gift!” as Tocchan approaches the calm Shuu-chan with a smile.

“I found that thing you liked Shuu-chan. It took some time, but once I found it. I could not found you. Here you go.” as Tocchan hands Shuu-chan a present.

“Thank you” as Shuu-chan takes the gift and opens it. A slight blush spreads adores his cheeks. He turns arounds and sits down beside a nearby tree and pulls out a Go-playing board. He starts a game against himself, murmuring in himself softly.

“What did you gave him?! And why do I not get a present as well? I am HIS trainer.” As MC starts to whine.

“You did not ask for it did you? Besides it is just a simple key chain of some character called magicalponpon or something like that.” as Tocchan simply states, ignoring MC’s tantrum once again.

“M-Magicalponpon! Ahhh- you should tell me where to find it!” as MC yells out.

“I have no reason to tell you besides you lost this battle you know” as Tocchan reminds MC about the current situation.

“I do not care anymore please tell me!” as MC looks with pleading eyes at Tocchan.

“If I do will you leave me alone?” as Tocchan narrows his eyes glaring at MC.

“O-okay….” As MC stutters, he actually wants rather both. It is difficult for him to choose between the two things. But if he would have caught Tocchan than he could have had both. ‘MC is not very wise when he is impulsive on his whims’

“No, I will not. You did not defeat me nor caught me. I will see you another time” as Tocchan voices and turns around to walk off again.

“The special Pokémon Tocchan has skills such as being a very great chef. ….being a very great chef…. Very great cheff…. Cheff…. Cheff-ff chefff… ”

“What the hell are you doing with my Pokédex!” as MC turns around glaring at his other Pokémon and looking directly at Hikaru as he keeps pressing the same button over and over.

“Nothing. You should have just win this battle. Now we go another day starving….” As Hikaru states annoyed.

“That is not true! I take great care of you guys!” as MC retorts back at him.

“Not necessarily, your kind of food is instant ramen….” As Shibu adds.

“Yes and you are helpless in cleaning. Shuu-chan and me always need to help you with cleaning clothes etc. or basically doing all the work since you are off to dreamland” as Toru-kun states as well.

“You guys are very mean! I should just stayed in bed sleeping! Instead of catching you guys!” as MC whines and magically pulls out a blanket. He basically lays down on the ground and using his bag as a cushion.

“Cannot believe you guys got caught by a guy like him. I thought the prodigy I heard so much about would be a bit more serious or something… or at least not this lazy bum” as Tocchan looks down annoyed at the sleeping MC on the ground.

“But then again I can see the appeal of this fool I guess. I did not really appear out of nowhere. I guess I will stay with you guys to ensure the special Pokémon do not go into extinction because of this guy” As Tocchan states calmly with a serious face. He leans over to MC and takes a Pokéball from his backpack, placing it in his pocket. He carries the sleeping MC on his back and walks off with him.

“You, special Pokémon, better follow me if you want to get the fasted route back to town so you can get healed and a decent meal” as Tocchan speaks up.

The group of special Pokémon look at each other and share a knowing glance. They quickly follow after Tocchan, caring their master’s bag. And also here is the continuation of the Pokédex information about the spotted Pokémon Tocchan.

“….as well when he was spotted cooking for some starving fellow Pokémon. It is suggested that he is perhaps very nice and considerate to his friends in reality, but he gives the kind of aura of a person who is perhaps a loner or something. He hangs out most of his time with his fellow special Pokémon or a least always being in the neighbourhood in case if he is needed.”

“Hikaru…. You better stop with the Pokédex or instant ramen only for you” as Tocchan speaks out, hearing the Pokédex and keep walking without turning around to face him.

“Yes, sir” as Hikaru quickly replies. He definitely does not want instant ramen again.

‘Perhaps I should change the data on that Pokédex myself. Or why would I, it is just a dream after all, right?’ as Tocchan thinks and lets out a small chuckle as he briefly looks back at the sleeping MC and his fellow special Pokémon.

[Battle 1 round bonus caught Pokémon 1]

Re: [FanFic] Everyone x Pokémon: Let's catch, Tocchan!

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:52 am
by nohyde12
oh my..pokemon just made my day brighter ヾ(☆▽☆)

Re: [FanFic] Everyone x Pokémon: Let's catch, Tocchan!

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:00 am
by meyaoi
Tocchan is being tsundere and doesn't want to be contained inside pokeballs :geek:

Re: [FanFic] Everyone x Pokémon: Let's catch, Tocchan!

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:05 am
by nohyde12
@meyaoi..tocchan is such a tease

Re: [FanFic] Everyone x Pokémon: Let's catch, Tocchan!

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 2:13 pm
by Knightusagi
lol and thanks for the compliments and reactions <3

Yeah, not sure.. but I see Tocchan as a Tsundere type ;p

Not sure if i would be writing 18+ fanfic depend on inspiration. I tend to go either really extreme and weird or just fluffly and romantic.

Re: [FanFic] Everyone x Pokémon: Let's catch, Tocchan!

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:46 am
by evanevan
Tocchan use Lick! Tocchan use 'Harden'! Tocchan use 'Horn' Attack! Tocchan use 'Hydro Pump'!

There you go, 18+ fics :P

Re: [FanFic] Everyone x Pokémon: Let's catch, Tocchan!

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 4:07 am
by nohyde12
evanevan wrote:Tocchan use Lick! Tocchan use 'Harden'! Tocchan use 'Horn' Attack! Tocchan use 'Hydro Pump'!

There you go, 18+ fics :P
Tocchan use "Body Slide!' , Tocchan use 'Tsun-dere!'

Re: [FanFic] Everyone x Pokémon: Let's catch, Tocchan!

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:04 pm
by Knightusagi
omg You guys! ...this way, doing the deed will never feel the same... i shouldn't have read that, this would cause random giggle attacks XD

Re: [FanFic] Everyone x Pokémon: Let's catch, Tocchan!

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:17 am
by Jai1579
meyaoi wrote:Tocchan is being tsundere and doesn't want to be contained inside pokeballs :geek:

Even if pokeballs are bigger on the inside? :D *coughs* Time lord Technology...
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Re: [FanFic] Everyone x Pokémon: Let's catch, Tocchan!

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 11:35 am
by nohyde12
Tocchan <3