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Tocchan has magic powers... XD

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 11:44 pm
by Sister Kyoya
I am so excited to play this game. I have not seen any of the demos since the original one. So I've finally found some time to start playing, and excitedly texting my hubby about it. I reached the point where Tocchan texts the first time to the in-game phone, accompanied by the brief buzz. A split second after the sound started my (real) phone screen lit up and made a happy chiming noise, before the in-game phone buzz sound had completed. For a split second I thought, "What? Tocchan is sending me a message?!?!??" :lol: As he is by far my favorite character there was a slight disappointment realizing it was just a message from my hubby. :D

I can't stop giggling about it. :mrgreen:

~Sister Kyoya