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List of known bugs for beta

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:21 am
by meyaoi
Beta version: 37
- Shuu's endings do not show up on endings list screen
- When MC and Shuu go to the sushi restaurant it gives the dialogue of when they go to the sky view restaurant
- Exception: DynamicImage u'char/shuu/base/[shuuexpress].webp': could not find image. (u'char/shuu/base/ohflower.webp')
- Shuu's doctor scene can't be triggered
- Shuu's foreplay mode costume: sailor costume & nurse location is all messed up
- Toru's face randomly pops during Shuu's foreplay mode events
- Shuu wears his bath robe during aquarium date

If you find other bugs that are not listed above, please post down below OR e-mail to
Thank you!