[Fanfic] Everyone - The Fan Meetup/Autograph Event!

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[Fanfic] Everyone - The Fan Meetup/Autograph Event!

Postby soft » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:28 pm

Note: MC joins the others for a Fan Meetup event, his first one yet. He's nervous, but he's got support. Featuring cute Toru, Ryotaro's natural charm, Hikaru's "helpful" advice. I really don't know what this is, my hands just moved on their own. I'm sorry. m(_ _;;m Enjoy!(?)

The walls of the venue reverberated with high-spirited squealing and jubilant banter. Cameras were flashing, security guards were terse. I, myself, couldn't help but absorb all this energy that was being packed into such a tiny event hall. Probably more energy than I knew how to deal with. To be honest, I was feeling very nervous.

Meeting fans face-to-face is nothing like interacting with them through social media. Oh yeah, Twitter and Niconico, that was familiar territory for me. Fun, even! I could reply to praising fans in my underwear, we could discuss anime together, and the Internet memes. It was awesome. Having such a supportive community was great, more than I ever bargained for. But this...

I don't do too well with crowds, I guess... Or I'm just not used to it, yet.

Tocchan insisted I get in touch with my growing fanbase through more prolific means. The agency and studio had set up a little lottery of sorts. Tickets to this autograph session was meant to be a rare treat. Exclusive to lucky fans. Anyway.

It was my first time ever being to one of these fan meetups. I really didn't know what to expect. At first, I didn't really think it was that big a deal, but...now that I'm here...

On the plus side, I wasn't alone--well, of course I wasn't. There had to have been dozens and dozens of fans, all lined up. But I mean...Tocchan was never faraway. Whenever I caught his eye, he was just giving me an encouraging smile. He was standing off to the side with the other agents and assistants.

Two large tables. Two voice actors at each. I did feel a lot more comfortable, sitting with these guys.

My seat was right next to Toru, my fellow newbie! I was kinda relieved to see that he was also feeling nervous, no matter how much he was trying to hide it. He shrugged it off when I asked him about it, and appeared to be very calm and indifferent about the whole thing--except, when I looked under the table...I could see that his hands were constantly moving and fidgeting, as if being controlled by an invisible string. Aw, Toru! Hang in there! And don't you dare leave me all by myself, I won't forgive you! Or so I'll say, for like, half a day.

As a way to soothe both our nervousness, I tried to chat with him about trivial things, but the most articulate response I got out of him was a noncommittal 'Hmm' or 'Ahh'. No sentences, no syllables. He hardly kept eye contact, preferring to stare into space. It seemed like he was trying to avoid looking at the horde of people, as well.

I sighed for no particular reason, feeling bemused; I didn't need to keep the conversation going.

Looking over at the other table to my right, I saw two people who looked as habituated as a fisherman at sea. The experienced duo looked completely in their element, killing time by making polite jokes and conversation.

I really wanted to soak up their positive, confident vibes.

I casually mentioned to Hikaru, "This must be old hat to you, huh. I betcha most of these fans are here for you."

"Awww, no way. You flatter me. That simply isn't true..." He pauses, voice filled with sarcastic modesty and mirth. "They're also here for Ryo!"

Shiba Inu chuckled good-naturedly, winking.

"Hah, I'm honored that you'd swallow your pride just to acknowledge my presence. That's actually a really huge achievement for you~." Ryotaro said teasingly.

"Well, what can I say, I have don't have a gag reflex..."

At that, Ryotaro nearly stumbled out of his chair, covering his mouth to assuage the onslaught of flustered laughter.

These two like to poke fun at each other, it seems...

"Oi, newbie." Hikaru called my attention back at once. "Here's a little piece of advice for you. Listen well."

He gestured for me to come closer, so I leaned over and offered my ear for him to whisper into. It tickled the back of my neck, guh.

"If a fan offers you homemade food, like cookies or chocolate, don't carelessly eat it. There's no telling what kinds of--ahem, natural ingredients they've put inside."

I pouted in confusion.

"You mean...organic?"

At the clueless expression on my face, Hikaru promptly huffed in agitation.

"Do I really need to spell it out for you? Let's just say...some people really like to put their whole beings into their gifts. We're talking hair...bodily fluids...Need I go on?"

He most certainly did not need to go on. But Hikaru liked hearing himself talk. I guess that's pretty important in a career of singing and voice acting, huh?

"And there's always the possibility that some maniac wants to poison you! ♪"

I had the sinking suspicion Hikaru was reading way too many creepy mystery novels, because underneath that carefree, self-assured smile, he's pretty paranoid.

The most unnerving part was that Hikaru was able to talk about all this, all while he was sparkling cutely and waving cheerfully to the waiting fans. Oh, man...

"In front of them, accept the gift graciously." He muttered under his breath. "But throw it out the next chance you get, got it?"

I couldn't help but cringe as I felt a little pang in my chest; he was saying some pretty harsh things. Still, I know he is only looking out for me, in his own brutally honest way. It was slightly better than Shuu's cryptic advice, anyway...

"Uh, thanks. I appreciate your words of wisdom...but I doubt I'll get any fan gifts, I mean. I'm not that popular yet!"

"Hm. Very true." Hikaru smirked. "I guess that means you're safe~."

After a few announcements and a word from sponsors, the autograph session commenced. We, needlessly, introduced ourselves.

Ryotaro was beaming at his fans, greeting them all with ease, as if they were all just friends visiting.

"Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Seiyuu Danshi Fan Meet event. Thank you all for coming! Wow. I'm happy I made it here on time, because uhhh...Well, I actually got lost on the way..."

The fans all started cooing sympathetically and chuckling in amusement.

Hikaru just gave him this look like he was silently judging him, laughing incredulously. "Seriously? Again?"

"Hey, so I took the long way! No big deal. I was able to enjoy the passing sights. I saw a dog! He was cute."

Next, Hikaru introduced himself--which was very, very pointless. The fans were incredibly enthused to see him, all chanting his name. Some of them were even crying! Oh, man...

Somehow, he was able to get a word in edgewise, cutting through the cacophony of excitement.

"Hell~ooo! Hikaru, here.☆ Nice seeing you all again! Let's have fun today, hm? Thanks so much for your support! Oh, and please consider buying a copy of my new album. Out on sale now!☆"

Toru's turn, now...

The mic crackled with static as he hesitantly brought it closer to his lips.

"Um. I'm Kazunori Toru. Thank you for having me."

His introduction was crisp and rushed. Right to the point. In yet, I could tell he was desperately making an effort to enunciate each word clearly. He was unsmiling, but still bowed his head to the fans to show he was grateful, making eye contact with as many as possible. And to his surprise and mine, there were many people who seemed especially excited to meet him.

Oh, and...I'm the only one left, huh? Okay, well...Here goes nothing.

"Uh, crap! I mean--uh. Excuse me, haha! I'm just. I'm last! So, the pressure should be off me, but still. Um. Hello! Thank you for coming out to meet us here today! This is my first time, so please be gentle with me!"

I swear, I pinky promise, the innuendo was an accident. However, the fans seemed to like it, gushing enthusiastically. I chuckled uneasily, allowing the laughs and cheering to die down a little. I was thankful for a short break, though.

Uhhh, what else was I supposed to say!? Ummm...Oh, how could I forget my name!? What...What is my name? That sort of thing is kinda pivotal to introductions...

I better remember fast, because knowing your name is also kinda necessary to sign autographs and stuff. Maybe I can just doodle on it and that'd be the end of it.

As fans were starting to approach our tables, it became easier and easier to smile and make small talk. Say hi, scribble your name, take selfie. Rinse and repeat. But it wasn't all just give and no take. I actually managed to score some lovely fan letters and fanart!! I could feel myself brimming with happiness from all this attention I wasn't used to getting. It was a bit overwhelming, but not so bad!

In-between fans, Ryotaro tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey, you're doing great, rookie! Don't sweat it."

Easy for him to say, he was able to joke and babble with fans like old friends, but I felt my confidence and heart soar to the heavens.

Hikaru didn't give me any verbal reassurance--I don't blame him, he kinda had his hands full, swamped with fans--but every so often, he would spare me a glance to check on me. I actually saw a real smile from him, directed at me. Shocker, right? I think the fans noticed a few times and got all giddy, thinking the smile was for them. Oh, how delusional...

Right beside me, I occasionally checked on Toru. I felt a bit of protective camaraderie with him, since we were both fresh meat in the industry. He seemed to be doing fine, actually...

And at one point, I saw Toru make an expression I never thought I'd see.

A shy girl stepped up to the table, cradling something carefully in her arms. It had a ribbon around it. As if on auto-pilot, Toru just reached for his pen, perhaps thinking the girl wanted to have it signed--

"Uh, no, I...Kazunori-san, I don't need an autograph or anything. I just wanted to give you this..."

She handed him stuffed tiger doll, all stitched up and with button eyes.

"I remember in an interview, you said handicrafts were a hobby. I was inspired to start sewing as well! I made a tiger because your name 'Toru' made me think of 'Tora', tiger. So...Ahaha, sorry! I know he looks a bit silly--"

"No. No, your stitch-work is perfect...And it's got just enough plush, too. T-Thanks."

The girl nodded, looking very glad and relieved. She seemed really happy, practically skipping away to cloud nine.

Toru was in a similar state of bashful euphoria; he seemed blind-sighted, like he was not expecting getting something at all.

"Heheh. You happy?" I asked him, grinning.

"...Yeah." He admitted, embarrassed. "It's cute..."

The tiger never left his lap throughout the rest of the event.

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Re: [Fanfic] Everyone - The Fan Meetup/Autograph Event!

Postby nohyde12 » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:45 pm

aww...this makes me feel all fluffy and fuwa-fuwa
Yaoi is my HOPES and DREAMS 8-) ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
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Re: [Fanfic] Everyone - The Fan Meetup/Autograph Event!

Postby Knightusagi » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:46 pm

Cool. It is like a simple short story or it could be the prologue of someting more x3 Keep it up, I like reading fanfics.

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Re: [Fanfic] Everyone - The Fan Meetup/Autograph Event!

Postby Noyaroo » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:59 pm

Awww the ending was so adorable.
I like your portrayal of Hikaru here too!

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Re: [Fanfic] Everyone - The Fan Meetup/Autograph Event!

Postby meyaoi » Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:16 am

Nice idea of fan meetup~
Which is probably what will happen when MC gains enough fans in the game :D

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